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About Debbie

My Story


Having a lifetime passion for healthy eating, I recently decided to put my knowledge to use and help others looking to make a healthy lifestyle change. In 2014 I became a certified ISSA Nutrition Specialist.


If you have a desire to make some healthy eating lifestyle changes, I welcome the opportunity to share what I have learned with you. Our bodies are designed to recognize the nutrients it needs in the food we eat. Once this occurs it tries to eliminate unneeded substances. When chemicals enter our digestive system, the body does not recognize them and stores them in our fat cells. This is huge as many foods contain unnecessary and unwanted chemicals. Often the case, foods claiming to be "healthy" and "low fat" are the worst offenders in harboring unwanted ingredients. Reading and understanding product labels is critically important to heathy eating. Sharpening this skillset in people is one of the things I most enjoy.

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